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Men and Women Are Different from Each Other: Part One

I really should not have to a post of this title. However, there are some people who seem to not have a clue about the facts of reality with regards to a persons sex.

As I have said before, there are only two sexes, male and female, and these sexes are determined by genetics. PERIOD! There are some people who seem to have no clue about the facts of reality, and they are under a delusion that sex is a social construct.

However, what I have said above, and what I will say below, are based on scientific facts, specifically biology. If anyone decides to take issues with what I am saying, you merely need show me the evidence, based on biology. I don’t care what you feel.

There is a huge butt-load of strong, irrefutable, and biological facts that men and women are very different from each other. Ignoring the difference in the pelvis, and the size of the skulls, let us look at the brain of the male and the female.

This is a SHORT list. You must look at my sources for a fuller understanding of the differences.

01: The hemispheres are different in males and females, especially the connections between the hemispheres of the brains.

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02: The Amygdala of the male brain and the female brain are different.

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03: The Hippocampus of the male brain and the female brain are different.

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04: The Frontal lobe and the Orbital prefrontal cortex of the male brain and the female brain are different.

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05: The balance the grey/white matter in the male brain and the female brain are different.

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{“Sex Differences in Brain Gray and White Matter in Healthy Young Adults: Correlations with Cognitive Performance”.}

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This was merely a very short list of the physical male/female brain. I am not discussing anything about behaviors of the male and the female, nor of the affect of the hormones in the brain.


This is a merely a primer of the physical differences, a scientific and biological overview that why men and women are different.

Most importantly, since our schools, from elementary schools through graduate schools, seemed to be female-oriented, men are getting the short end of the stick.

We, as a society, has studied women extensively. Only recently, a small segment of society is starting to try to understand the male, and we have been asserting that men and women are different. We, humans, are a sexual dimorphic species. That is, man and women behave differently. So, it is not just the dangly bits.

Men and women are very different. We should know that.

Or else we will continue to ruin men as we have been doing.


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