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Music (Symphonies): Part One

I like music. I am constantly listening to music in my apartment, except when I am watching a movie.

I like some Heavy Metal, Rock, Folk Music, Jazz, The Blues, Alternative music, Baroque, and Romantic music. However, I do not like genres, I like artists.

I have a complaint that I have had for about the past 20-30 years. Specifically, I have some modern renditions of Beethoven’s symphonies. In particular, the Ninth symphony. Someone, for some reason, the classical four-movement ninth symphony is now a five-movement piece of music, with the break in the middle of the, former, fourth movement.

I don’t care if some conductor “thinks” that it forms a more natural break, when Beethoven wrote the piece, it made sense to him. Who has the gall to claim that the composer knows more about the natural progression of the symphony that the man who wrote the piece of music in the first place.¬†And, over the past years, I have only seen the Ninth Symphony with five movements rather than four movements.

In addition, the symphony is traditionally a four-movement piece of music, so the conductor is also breaking with the traditional symphony. And for what reason? And, more recently, I have seen a five-movement Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony. In my opinion, this is a tragedy. The old masters, who have survived for several hundred years, are being ruined.


A few years ago, I had the displeasure of hearing a ruined rendition of the Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in Salt Lake City, Utah. This disappointment was as follows. There was a break between every movement. I have seen this piece of music several times in the past, and while the piece had four movements, the entirety of the music was a single continuous work, without a pause. However, in Salt Lake City, there were pauses of at least a whole minute between the first and second movements and between the third and fourth movement, and a ten minute pause between the second and the third movement.

Who the hell does this?

For me, the symphony had been ruined because of these damnable pauses. If a symphony cannot play the whole piece in entirety without a break, they are not true musicians. This symphony should fire the people who cannot play a single work without three breaks, since this is the way the music was written to be played.



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