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Sex: Part One

For too long, the SJWs have told us nonsense such as “gender is a social construct” and other crap of this sort.

Well, sorry stupid people, but you are going to be disappointed.

To begin, “gender” is a linguistic term in reference to nouns. Whereas “sex” is about sexuality. So, you “gender” people make you sound either evil, stupid, or liars, pick two.

There are only two sexes. Period. And it, generally determined by the Twenty-Third pair of chromosomes. Now, I do admit that there are a very small percentage of mutants with that 23rd chromosome of x, xxx, xyy, xxy, and xxyy. However, these mutants do not have an indeterminate sex,

  • a person with a single x chromosome (known as turner syndrome) is a female,
  • the xxx (known Triple X syndrome, triplo-X, trisomy X, XXX syndrome, 47,XXX aneuploidy) is a female,
  • the xyy (known as 47,xyy) is male,
  • the xxy (known as Kilnefelter syndrome or 47,xxy) is male, and
  • the xxyy (known as 48,xxyy syndrome) is male.

You can use, or some other search engine and find the relevant facts on {}.

So, all this crap I have been hearing that sex is a social construct is pure, unadulterated, shit. It is something used by the dreaded Social Justice Warriors to have something to complain about. But it lacks no merit, no evidence, nor any scientific evidence.

A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. And if a man “feels” like a woman, of if a woman “feels” like a man, that is, a “transgendered” person, is a person with a serious mental illness. And the worst thing you can do is to encourage that mental illness.

For those of you who disagree with what I have said, I would suggest that you point your browser to: and read some of the entries.

So, in essence, do not encourage mental illness, please.

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