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After my second divorce, in 2013, as a result of my stroke in 2011, I figured that I was entirely done with women except on a superficial level. However, in February or March of 2016, I had met an unusual woman.

The term “NAWALT” (an acronym meaning “Not All Women Are Like That”) is a thing that may or may not exist. It is like the unicorn, it is a very rare women who intentionally ignores or overrides her hypergamous nature.

Now, this woman of which I speak may be a NAWALT. I don’t know. We have gone for walks with each other, we have drank coffee on occasions, we have even gone out to eat with each other. And in every event, aside from our walks, she has always paid her own way.

She would not allow me to pay for her meals or coffee. At all.

That makes this woman a very rare woman.

And while all men with any brain would willingly die for this woman, since she pays her own way, is stunningly beautiful, and is built perfectly. I have sadly come to the conclusion that we are not compatible.

Yes, I have stopped pursuing the perfect woman because of our differences in politics, movie preferences, music preferences, book preferences, and some other minor differences.

Perhaps, in time, we can become friends, by my definition of a friend, but we can never be more than that. I was hopeful, and I was under the delusion that I could change myself to measure up to her. But, as I have said, that is a delusion.

But, I have saved myself from having a relationship that could go bad. It was a brief fantasy, but reality reasserted itself and I know that we could not work.

And so, I regain who I am. I regain my true nature. And I go through life, as usual, yet again.

But it was still a good fantasy for a short while.



Concerning the Utilikilt

I have recently purchased a “utilikilt” through I haven’t worn it out and about, yet, because I forgot to purchase a buckle for it. Now, I should first mention that I have a real live authentic kilt made of heavy winter weight wool that I purchased in 1999. And while I have a Sgian-dubh, Sporran, Flashes, and Hose for my authentic kilt, these items are for my authentic kilt.

This is because my utilikilt is separate and distinct from my authentic kilt. So, there! I have other similar accessories for my utilikilt, but no flashes. But I forgot to purchase a buckle for my belt… no worries, it will be here tomorrow or Thursday.

Now, while I will be wearing my utilikilt around and about in downtown Fargo, as I go for my daily walks, I have no idea what the response I will get. The thing is, when I have worn my kilt, it is a severe expression of masculinity. And some people have noticed that. And while I think that some people have an appropriate response, whatever that means.

I was in Washington DC in 1999 for about a week. And during that entire week, I only wore my kilt. In 1999, the response was fine, I did think that some people were intimidated by my kilt. But that could have been seeing a crazy man wearing a kilt, or my immense masculinity.

I had also worn my kilt at a Christmas party in 1999, when I was working for NSC Systems Group, wherein I had “upstaged” a man that was known to be wearing outrageous, but sane, clothing during the yearly Christmas party.

I had gone to another Christmas party in 1999 from my ex-wife’s employer, and I wore the kilt then, also. However, the boss said something to the effect that he like the fact that I don’t take myself seriously. Then my ex-wife mentioned to him that he misunderstood, she said that I always take myself seriously.

In June of 2000, when Ed Learning Systems was being sold, we had a “good bye gathering” party. I wore the kilt, again, and even though my ex-wife was there, I do believe that a female employee was “hitting on me”. It went over well for me, but my ex-wife didn’t like it a bit.

So, in every instance I wore my kilt, I got a good reception from my kilt.

But, now I live in Fargo, North Dakota. I do not know if the Fargoans (is that a word?) can and will understand me and my utilikilt. I guess we shall see.

In addition, I did not buy my utilikilt to “pick up women”. That isn’t even on my radar. I bought the utilikilt because I like wearing a kilt, and the utilikilt is affordable. My authentic kilt cost me $300 in 1999, which translates to be about $425-$450 in 2016. And that was just the basic kilt, with the full kit, which was about $150.00, $220 in 2016. The basic utilikilt costs about $55, with about 25 for the kit. So, I bought this because it is much more affordable than authentic kilt.

Note, however, an authentic kilt is made of wool, whereas a utilikilt is made of heavy cotton. That is fine for me, as I will not be wearing it during the cold.

So, those who live within a five mile radius of the “Hawthorne” neighborhood of Fargo, look for me!


Greetings and Salutations

I have recently removed all the content of this weblog.

This is because it no longer served its original purpose. So I have essentially RIPPED everything to the old weblog so I can start anew.

I had a stroke in September of 2011, which has cause massive damage to my mental faculties, especially my “Executive Functions”, the “overseer” part of my brain which, as I understand, effects short term memory and other such things. Now, while I have not yet accepted the loss of my pre-stroke personality, nor have I accepted the existence of my post-stroke personality, I know that I must somehow learn to accept that cruel fact of life.

So, I will attempt to write some nonsense in thei weblog at least once a week, and we will see what happens.

I am under no delusions that I will have any real following, since I really don’t care if anyone really follows my weblog. The purpose of this weblog is for therapeutic reasons.

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