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Concerning an Insult: Part One.

On 23 March 2016, I had posted an article called “A Quick Commentary on The Term ‘Pussy'”

I wish to do a brief rewrite of that posting, as I have been told that the title may be too offensive for some people to read that article. So I have deleted the original article, and herein is my slight rewrite of the article.

In general, when a man is called a “pussy” that is an insult. However, some people will claim that that insult is in reference to the female body, and that is the whole intent of the insult.

Well, those of us who have a clue realize that that insult is, in no way, in reference to a piece of the female anatomy. However, in discussions with some feminists, the dreaded Laci Green, for example, the feminist in question will claim that that insult is an indication of misogyny as they claim that the use of that insult is referring to the female’s “hey nanny nanny“.

The truth of the matter is that that insult NOTHING to do with anyone’s vagina.

Read that again, and understand what I am saying.

The insult “pussy” originates from the word “pusillanimous“, which means:

1: lacking courage or resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; marked by contemptible timidity
2: proceeding from or indicating a cowardly spirit.

So, for those dreaded women, I am talking about you, Laci Green, who are, for some weird reason, fixated on their vagina, the insult “pussy” really is an insult.

So, for “those” women who did know the meaning of “pusillanimous”, and have know been given a big dose of reality. How does it make you feel?

If anything.

I believe that you will stick with your rhetoric, not question what you have been told, because it would cause you to know that some small part of that nonsense that you have been heavily invested in is wrong.



The Blight of Third Wave Feminism: Part One

{{I have been asked about my opposition to Third-Wave feminism. This is my initial response to why I consider Third-Wave feminism is a threat to me, and to all people, not only men, but also to women}}

Once upon a time, during first-wave feminism, in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, woman had earned the right for all women to vote, and for equal pay for equal work. Under the “Equal Pay Act” of 1963, in the United States, the goals of first-wave feminism were officially over in the United States.

Although as a footnote, all men had gained their vote relatively recently prior to women getting the vote, and for that “privilege”, all men had obligations that women never had. Like military service, for one example.

So, first-wave feminism was focused on suffrage, and they won.

Second-Wave feminism, from approximately the late 1960’s to the late 1980’s, was focused on the issues of issues of sexuality, family, and workplace inequalities. Now, one thing to recall was the fact that the second-wave feminists had opposed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the United States.

We must question why.

See, there was much support for the ERA, and it had seemed several times that it would pass, but under the influence by the Second-Wave feminists, it had always failed. This is because if the ERA existed, then women, in general, would win nothing, moreover, women would lose what they had gained during Second-Wave feminism. And men would gain the rights that they had lost.

See, during Second-Wave feminism, since women had the same rights as men during First-Wave feminism, since Second-Wave feminism, women had more rights than men. If you disagree with this statement, you should ask yourself two questions: What rights does a man have that a woman doesn’t have? And what rights does a woman have that a man doesn’t have?

Every right a man has, a woman also has. But, there some rights that women have than a man does not. The primary right is biological integrity. In general, men are circumcised at birth, women are not. Yes, this is in the United States, it is a first country problem, nevertheless it exists and is acceptable, for some reason.

Also, with respects to birth, women have the option to be a parent, they can get an abortion or they can choose to not be a parent. Men do not have that option. At all. A man is not allowed to have a “legal abortion”, a man is not allowed to opt out of parenthood, a women is.

So, after that, you will realize, or you should realize, why Second-Wave feminists opposed the ERA, tooth and nail, and why the ERA does not exist, because under the ERA, women would win nothing, and would lose rights under the ERA.

Now, what in the world is Third-Wave feminism. More importantly, why does it even exist? During First-Wave feminism, the feminists won equal rights. During Second-Wave feminism, women have more rights than men. Third-Wave feminism is a blight on humanity, in my opinion.

First off, Third-Wave feminism started in the early 1990’s. It had arisen to the perceived failures by the Second-Wave feminists, and seems to be primarily focused on diversity, more importantly, non-white feminists.

The Third-Wave feminists are full of “body positive” rhetoric, bad rape statistics, even more control over their reproductive rights, bad statistics on gender violence, something called “man-spreading“, “man-splaining“, and more.

Because, lets face it, my statistics come from the Uniform Crime Report, produced every year by the Department of Justice, and are exclusively used by the FBI concerning all crime within the United States, and those statistics are in blatant contradiction to what the Third-Wave feminists claim.

So, essentially, the Third-Wave feminists are wrong about their statistics. All of them. In addition, the “hate all boys” thing is right from Third-Wave feminism, as are “I drink male tears“, “throw rocks at boys“, “cry me a river” (directed at males), and other such nonsense.

So, in my observation, Third-Wave feminists hate men, even though they claim that they do not. But, actions speak louder than words.

Additionally, the “body positivity” position is essentially fat acceptance, and … well…. ugly acceptance. Sorry if you disagree with that statement, but that is what I see, and that is what I feel. And if you dislike my statement, then communicate with me. Do not attempt to shame me, communicate with me like a real human being.

So, in conclusion, First-Wave was a good thing, they achieved their goals, and I agree with the First-Wave feminists. The Second-Wave feminism has overreached their bounds, and men have been losing rights since Second-Wave feminism roared its dangerous head. Third-Wave feminism is dangerous, not only to men, but also to women, and since Third-Wave feminism roared its horrible and sickly head, one is safe from its corruption.

It must be put to rest, and quickly, if it is not already too late.

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