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Catastrophic Disk Failure

Hello, On Saturday, 23 April 2016, I suffered a disk crash.

Now, first, I should say that I am not the kind of man who doesn’t make backups at least once a day. However, I had just done a backup on my backup disk. I then physically disconnected all drives except my main drive. And I initiated a fresh install to a new Linux distribution.

The install was completed, I had then plugged in my other drives, and my backup drive could not initialize. It made an expensive sounding “click”, I guess that the read/write head could not find anything.

After a few hours to try all sorts of utilities to read the drive, I gave up, put the backup drive in a box, and fell asleep.

The only irreplaceable thing I lost was sixteen years of cat photographs. Since three of those cats are currently dead, these photographs are precious to me.

In addition to my cat pictures, I also lost all of my Linux articles, my economics articles and e-books, my massive music collection (approximately 300 GB of music), my e-book collections (approximately 150 GB), all of my technological articles, my resume, and more.

I have been accumulating these files over the past eighteen years, and their loss hurts me. But, as I have said, my cat photographs are priceless to me.

I have emailed a man in Fargo, that might be able to grab my files from that disk. However, as of right now, he has not yet responded to me. I have been told that data recovery from such a crash is not expensive as it sounds. I hope that fact is true.

Now, I am still somewhat distressed at my recent loss, so forgive me if I do not post for a short while.


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