Psychopaths Need Not Apply

I have a brief question for you. It is a real question, while you may not take it seriously.

While some people are willing to die for a {thing}, less people are willing to kill for a {thing}.

My question is, simply, what are you willing to kill for?

Please do not answer that question, and I would guess that you should tell nobody what you are willing to kill for, as I would imagine that most people would not like your answer. See, the answer to that question is a reflection of your values, and people would use that knowledge against you, in some cases.

Additionally, psychopaths need not answer that question. For I know a psychopath, a real live diagnosed psychopath. This person seems to be a nice person, but she is, essentially, the embodiment of evil. Really!

So, just answer my question for yourself, “what are you willing to kill for“?



About Kevin Benko

I'm a fifty-something generic humanoid sack of water and meat.

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