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Psychopaths Need Not Apply

I have a brief question for you. It is a real question, while you may not take it seriously.

While some people are willing to die for a {thing}, less people are willing to kill for a {thing}.

My question is, simply, what are you willing to kill for?

Please do not answer that question, and I would guess that you should tell nobody what you are willing to kill for, as I would imagine that most people would not like your answer. See, the answer to that question is a reflection of your values, and people would use that knowledge against you, in some cases.

Additionally, psychopaths need not answer that question. For I know a psychopath, a real live diagnosed psychopath. This person seems to be a nice person, but she is, essentially, the embodiment of evil. Really!

So, just answer my question for yourself, “what are you willing to kill for“?



The Aftermath of My Stroke

As I may have said earlier, the major effect of my stroke is that my “executive functions” are not functioning properly. Primarily it has affected my short-term memory. ALOT. I get distracted very easily, even with a span of time as little as a minute or less. Almost every day, when I am making breakfast, I open the refrigerator, and see something else…. and I forget why I was looking in the refrigerator, after a few seconds I finally remember why I was in the refrigerator in the first place.

You have no idea how many times I look through the grocery store to try to remember why I was there until I see what I there in the first place.

Yes, I make lists. And I forget the list often.

In addition to my “executive functions”, I have right-side weakness, I have a blood clot in  my right wrist, the result of which my right hand is always cold, even in the heat of summer.

The vision in my left eye is a bit… “wonky”. My ophthalmologist tells me that my retina is supposed to be a smooth surface, however in my case it is no longer smooth, and it look “sort of like” it was once smooth, but it has been “wrinkled”… all because of my stroke.

So, yes, I am a bit of a wreck.

One effect of my stroke is that my wife divorced me because I am unable to work. I don’t have trouble being hired, but I generally get fired after a few days. Apparently, most businesses cannot really deal with me and my… behavior…. my inhibitions are broken.

But, I am happy. I am free from my (ex-)wife, I have enough money to live on, and, overall, life is good for me.


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