Concerning The Kilt: Part One.

A Brief History Of The Kilt.

The kilt is a knee-length skirt-type garment with pleats at the rear. The origin of the kilt was first worn as a traditional men and boys in the Scottish Highlands in the 16th century. However, since the 19th century it has been identified with the wider Scottish culture in general, and with the Gaelic heritage even more broadly. The kilt is generally made of wool and with a tartan pattern.

Although the kilt was originally worn on formal occasions, at the highland games and sporting events, in todays society, so some small degree, it had been adapted as an informal male clothing in recent years. And, thus, has become an everyday garment.

Me and My Kilt.

I have an authentic real live kilt, with an almost full kit. I do not have a pair of Ghillie brogues. These things look ridiculous, and are uncomfortable. Instead, I wear wing-tips. Other than that, I have a full kit. The problem with kilts is that they are made of wool, my kilt is made od heavy, winter weight wool, and they require to be dry-cleaned. And, I don’t really trust a dry-cleaner to not mess up my pleats. So I don’t wear tham very often.

But, I have just purchased a utilikilt, it is made of cotton, and is easier to clean and press. Now, as I live in North Dakota, it is still a little cold to wear it out and about, but perhaps tomorrow will be a good day to wear my utilikilt.

So, why do I want to even be caught dead in my utilikilt?

First off, the kilt is an expression of masculinity. It is much more masculine than anything a man can wear. I say this because I get some really good “feedback” when I wae my kilt. I have had women hit on me, out of the blue. Some men, however, have reacted negatively, not because I am looking “unmanly”, but because they seem to view me as a threat.


However, when I am wearing my kilt, I think it is possible that I behave somewhat differently. I would guess that I may be, to some extent, expressing my masculinity, almost dripping with masculinity. I don’t know, but I do get reactions that I will interpret as positive.

So, possibly tomorrow, I will be walking around downtown Fargo, dripping masculinity all over the place.



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