My Diagnosis: Part 1

I have a medical condition. It was a medical condition that I was born with, it is a non-inherited blood clotting disorder. One factor of my blood clotting cascade is not present in my blood clotting cascade, another factor is over-compensating for the missing factor.

I did not discover this until 2008, when I was in the University of Utah Hospital. But, the first indication of my problem occurred in 1999.

I spontaneously started bleeding internally in my stomach, I went to the Mackenzie-Willamette hospital in Springfield, Oregon. I had started bleeding about two hours after I had had a small drink of Yukon Jack. However, the nurse in charge of me had claimed that I was, for some reason, an alcoholic. This initial “diagnosis” ruined my entire treatment at the hospital.

A doctor, Sarah Brendler, was the official doctor on my case, they did an endoscopy and noticed that I had some esophageal varices in my esophagus and stomach. She didn’t ever try to look for the cause.

After three, yes THREE, liver biopsies, where she determined that I had no cirrhosis, she pretty well ignored me for the rest of my stay. After I got out of the hospital after a few days, she had me do some more endoscopies, with more bandings.

I was also taken to the Sacred Heart Medical Center University District, in Eugene Oregon, wherein I learned that I had a big blood clot in my liver that was blocking approximately 70%-80% of my blood flow through my liver, which, I learned later, gave my Portal Vein Thrombosis, which caused my earlier bleeding in the stomach incident. But, as I had said earlier, I didn’t know these things until 2008.

Thus, the doctors I had seen in Oregon entirely missed my whole blood clotting disorder thing, and had no idea at all about what was wrong with me.

Now, before my endoscopies, I was given Demerol to sedate me, the doctor then stated talking to me, WHILE I WAS ON DEMEROL, and she persuaded to allow her to take me to a surgeon in Portland, remove my stomach, and essentially plug my small intestine where my stomach was. I would then be on a very weird diet for the rest of my SHORT remaining life.

My, then, wife heard that and she went ballistic. I immediately fired this evil doctor, and went on my way.

To be continued….


About Kevin Benko

I'm a fifty-something generic humanoid sack of water and meat.

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