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Suicide Rates In Men Are Caused By Society.

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2015.05.12


Well, perhaps they aren’t skyrocketing, but if there were women that were killing themselves at approximately the same rate as men ARE killing themselves, there would be a public outcry, form committees to investigate the suicides, and awareness campaigns would warn women that this crisis need to be addressed. Last week, damnit!

However, since it is the men that are killing themselves, no one says a thing. Total. Dead. Silence. For all but few people.

What’s up with that?

The Office for National Statistics (UK) has stated that the male suicide rate has increased significantly since 2007, whereas female suicides have stayed consistent, and lower. Additionally, in 2013, the most recent statistics, the male suicides have risen to a higher rate since a decade.

Additionally, the suicide rate amongst men has most impacted the 45-59 ages, such that the rate is currently higher for that age range since 1981{}.

Additional links:

But why is the rate of male suicides as high as it is, or why is there not the same rates for female suicides?

Currently, for every woman that commits suicide, over three men commit suicide.

Now, it might be easy to believe that men have a genetic predisposition to suicide. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Why in the world would a man feel unhappy or engage in anti-social behavior when that man is living in the freest and most prosperous nation on the planet. Of course, perhaps we do not really live in the freest or most prosperous nation on the planet.

In my opinion, depression is a precursor to suicide. And, for the most part, when a person is diagnosed with depression, we treat them for their depression. But, what if that is wrong? We assume that the defect is the person with depression. But what if it is actually society that is defective, and the depressed person understands something intuitively about society?

Now, a biological imbalance is best treated with medications. But, it seems to me that if it is impossible to understand an individual’s biology outside of the context of their environment, perhaps we need to take a deeper look into that other variable– the environment. I think we need to consider that the relatively higher suicide rates, and depression, amongst men could be caused by their environment, aside from a legitimate and identified biological imbalance.

Our higher rates on male suicides says, to me, that our current environment has become toxic to men. So, if depression is an indication that there is something wrong the environment, then the rise of male suicides is telling us that there is something wrong with society itself.

We have evolved to be social animals, thus we have survived because we collaborate, form connections, be empathic, and generous. Through our evolution, as children, we feel distressed by the suffering of others. But, we currently live in a society that is increasingly at odds with our basic empathy. Our current social, economic, and political climates are creating an environment such that people feel alienated and stressed.

Men have learned that the highest indicator of success is economic. Men have learned that, through the advertising, that we should buy more so that we can be more. Men have been trained that we should be in competition with other men, and that we should be rewarded for ruthlessness. Men have been taught that empathy and emotional understanding are weaknesses. If men believe that they are basically decent human beings, then we are at odds with our environment, and with society. Thus, society conflicts with our nature.

So we wonder why men are killing themselves. Look to society.

And I am not even going to go on standard anti-feminist rant in this post.

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A Living Wage?

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2015.05.02


I would like to discuss about the insane idea of a “living wage”. In my opinion, a so-called “living wage” goes a step-and-a-half beyond the concept of a minimum wage. Both ideas are a bad idea, and this “living wage” nonsense is far worse than a minimum wage.

The first question we need to answer is what exactly, in dollars and cents, is a reasonable living wage? Now, I am going to look at my spending habits that will constitute a living wage.

Now, I am a single man live in Fargo, North Dakota. Fargo is about normal in non-metropolitan areas. I have a lower-to-mid level apartment and I pay approximately $450.00/month. In my opinion if you live in a metropolitan area, you deserve what you pay for rent. You know damn well that the rent in those areas is very high, so you should either move the fuck out of that area or deal with it. If you cannot afford your rent, then move away from those big cities, damnit!

Rent = $450

My utilities are about $50 in the Summer and $100 in the winter for an average of

Utilities = $75

Food is approximately $180/month. I do not eat out except on veterans day where I eat for free. Other than that, I cook and prepare my meals at home, or I take a lunch I have prepared at home. For those people who like to eat out, that is for people who earn a higher income. Within the context of being on a “living wage” that is a luxury you do not get to do. Eat out or take a lunch.

Food = $180

In today’s society, a cellular telephone in probably a necessity. An I-pod or an android is not. Texting is not. All that time you spend talking on your cellular phone is not. I use a tracfone, and I pay by the minute. I spend approximately $20-$30 every 2-3 months.

Cellular phone = $20

I have a luxury. I have high-speed Internet, and I spend approximately $60/month on that connectivity, and I pay a subscription to play a game which costs about $11/month.

Internet connectivity = $71

Let’s total that number up

Total = $796

Lets call it an even $800/month.

Now suppose there are only 28 days in a month, just to make things easy.

800 / 4 = 200
So, we need to make approximately $200 a week

200 / 40 = 5

Thus, in my opinion a living wage is $5.00/hour

Now, depending on where you live, the cost of housing could be higher, and probably the cost of food and utilities could be higher. But if it is significantly higher, the YOU NEED TO MOVE, damnit!

If you cannot afford the costs in a metropolitan area, live in a non-metropolitan area. Do not ask for the government to mandate a “living wage”, especially if you can clearly not afford to live in that area in which you live.

Now, if you have noticed, I have no room in this budget for a car. That is damn straight! Again, if you require a “living wage” you cannot afford a car, so don’t even ask about it. You don’t deserve a car, and I will not allow you to have a car if you want a “living wage”. If you are so inept such that you want the government to pay you this “living wage” you do not deserve a car. Get a bicycle and be happy with that.

Now that I have pissed every one off, have yourself a good day!

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In Memory Of Mister Fluffy.

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2015.04.14


At approximately 11:45PM on 13 April 2015, Mister Fluffy, my oldest cat of twenty years old, was euthanized. Mister Fluffy had not suffered long, he jumped down from his chair, walked half way across the floor, said “meow” and laid down.

At his “meow” as was there in an instant, I put him on my chair, and I looked HARD at him, and I had realized that it was time for him to die. While I called my veterinarian, Mister Fluffy started twitching, the Veterinarian came to my apartment in about fifteen minutes, and “put him to sleep”.

Like I said, he went from good to bad in about a half an hour, and then before long, he was dead. Not much pain, not much suffering.


My ex-wife had rescued the cat when Mister Fluffy was about two years old. Thus, I had been around this particular cat for the past eighteen years, I got the cat after my divorce, so, I was Mister Fluffy’s human, and Mister Fluffy was my cat.

Every day for the past two years, I had given Mister Fluffy a piece of bacon/sausage for breakfast (sorry, mother, I never let you know that), and Mister Fluffy LOVED to lick out the bowl when I had ice cream. I spoiled my two cats rotten, because after my divorce, and because of my stroke, they were all I had.


Shodan, the other cat, is still around, and I hope that she lasts to twenty years old, or longer.

I think in about a month, I will consider getting a kitten as a companion for Shodan… I don’t know about that yet, though.

Good bye Mister Fluffy, we have traveled back and forth across the United States over the past eighteen years Oregon, Colorado, Tennessee, North Dakota, Utah, Pennsylvania, and finally to North Dakota. We had good times and bad times, but we were always there for each other. In this particular instant, I know I did the right thing when I had you euthanized. I am only sorry that you had to suffer even a little bit in the end.

Good bye Mister Fluffy, although I had been dreading this day, I had also been anticipating this day since Pennsylvania. I will miss you dearly, for you were always a faithful companion for me, and I hope that I was a faithful companion for you.

Good Bye.


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Gaslight (1944)

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2015.03.29


I just finished watching Gaslight (1944), yes it was an old-assed movie, but I had been thinking of watching it for about the past six months. To be honest, it we a great movie. I starred Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, and Joseph Cotten. It was also the film debut of Angela Lansbury (the “Murder She Wrote” lady).

Now, I am not into doing spoilers, so I am not going to tell you anything about the movie. But, if you can find the movie you seriously need to watch this movie. Unlike modern movies, this movie proceeds through the plot slowly and patiently, piece at a time, not giving very many clues to spoil it for you. Everything does come together in the end, when all the cards are layed out during the last 15 minutes of this nearly 2-hour movie.

The actors were perfect, the antagonist (Boyer) was a subtle but total dickhead, the protagonist (Bergman) was, of course, beautiful, and in the end she played her role very well, the hero (Cotten) was a real true hero, and in the end everything was, finally. happy happy joy joy.

Again, I would suggest that you see this movie to see how a real movie plot was done.


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What’s the State’s Interest in this Boy’s Foreskin?

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2015.03.26


I have read an article wherein the following events had occurred:

There was this woman, in Florida, that had a male child. The mother, rightly, refused to circumcise the male child {}.

So, fast forward to approximately four years.

The mother was told that the agreement between the mother and father had agreed to circumcise the child as a baby, the woman had refused and has now an arrest warrant by Circuit Judge Jeffery Dana Gillen. But, why? Apparently, the father and the mother had never been married, although in 2012, they had signed a “parenting plan” that had explicitly said that the infant would be circumcised, and the father would make the arrangements. However, the mother had later decided to not snip the child. And as a result, the father took her to court.

However, in Florida, a “parenting plan” is supposed to apply “in all cases involving time-sharing with minor children, even when time-sharing is not in dispute.” A “parenting plan” is not an instrument for this type of procedure. So, why is the court even getting concerned with this issue? Why in the hell does the state want to enforce this contract that is not an issue in the contract?

There is no religious need by either party to circumcise the child for either the mother or the father. However, the father wants his child to be circumcised, but the mother doesn’t. However, his reason to circumcise the child is that it is “just the normal thing to do.” However, the father didn’t start pressing the issue until 2013, two years after the birth of the child.

However, in an emergency motion that was filled last week, the FOUR-YEAR OLD CHILD is aware of what is happening and is, rightfully, terrified of getting his penis cut.

So, as thing stand now, a mental health professional, probably a social worker rather than a real mental health professional, will evaluate the boy, and an independent guardian will be appointed to represent the boy’s interests {}
OK, I don’t know who is right or who is wrong in this issue. On the one hand, I do support men’s rights, and father’s rights. On the other hand, circumcision is absolutely WRONG, and I applaud the woman for not having the boy circumcised. Also, the child is self aware, and not a baby anymore, and the boy understands what may happen.

Additionally, this is not a legitimate part of the “parenting plan” in Florida, so it is not a legitimate part of the contract.

Now, for my own opinion is although I was circumcised fifty years ago, I had started resenting that I had been circumcised approximately 25-30 years ago. I now believe that circumcision is a barbaric practice that has occurred for the wrong reasons, and the future generations have continued the practice because the father generally wants these boys to “look like their fathers”. So the myths of circumcision continues, mostly.

Now, I have no idea how many boys are circumcised at birth, an I really don’t want to know. But I would imagine that a HOE (Horizontally Oriented Entertainer) would know. I would like to know that in 2015, we have crawled out of the dark ages and we do not circumcise our babies anymore.

So, who is right in this case and who is wrong?


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Concerning The Stupid Idea Of Living For The Future.

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2015.02.24


Some people tend to say stupid things. One such stupid statement is that we should preserve our resources for the future, and do without those resources in the present. These people who say such things are generally “Social Justice Warriors” of some sort or another.

In my opinion, I think these “Social Justice Warriors” are very wrong. Let me explain:

A minor point is to ask the “Social Justice Warriors”, at what point in the future are our future generations allowed to use these resources? And that is a serious question. Is it one generation? Is it ten generations? Hell, will some future generation actually be allowed to use those resources at all?

Based on the mindset of the “Social Justice Warriors”, I would imagine there is absolutely no future generation to use those natural resources. In my opinion, that is bullshit, but is also expected.

But my major point is this:

What we have today has come down to us from the past. Our technology over time has grown until there is no single person that knows all about everything about even a single technical subject. About one hundred years ago, it was possible to know EVERYTHING about Mathematics. But that simple fact is no longer possible. Even if an individual Mathematician attempted to know everything about a single small piece of Mathematics, he would fail.

That is because the technology of modern science is such that it is growing faster and faster every DAY. Thus, everything we have learned from past generations has given us today’s technology to the point of our medical science was not available ten years ago. Our current plastics and polymers depend on our oil production, as a waste process of our oil production.

There are medical procedure that are in common use today that were not available at all ten years ago. Personally, twenty years ago, I would have died if I had not had a procedure from ten years ago.

Thus, when our current generation is “wasting” our “precious” resources, these resources are being used today and tomorrow to benefit future generations. That is the way technology works. DUH!

Now, our current fracking technology was not known prior to 1947, and the first commercial application of fracking was in 1950. Today, really today, in North Dakota, there is an assload of oil under western North Dakota, and through fracking, that technology is being used and has changed the global price of oil in Saudi Arabia.

So, our technology, and use of resources from the past is benefiting our current generation. And, so, our current use of resources will benefit the future generations.

We don’t need to “look after” the future generations, the future generations will develop new technology in their time to benefit themselves.

But, suppose we listen the “Social Justice Warriors” and prevent us from using our resources today? Can you tell your children and grandchildren that you chose to NOT develop technology anymore and they would never be able to use that technology since the understanding has faded away in the past? Could you tell the future generations must suffer and starve because the food that they need is somewhere far away, and they will not use the resources to save those starving people half way around the world?

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Turn Down The Thermostat Or Not?

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2015.02.21


I live in Fargo, North Dakota (by choice) and in the winter it gets cold, as North Dakota is the fifth coldest state in the United States. So, anyway, I am one of those people who turn down the thermostat at night or when I go out for more than an hour.

Now, I would imagine that some of you people out there will hear that and suggest that I don’t do that. Well, when I checked on the Internet about half of the people said I should turn down my thermostat, and about half the people said I should not do that. So, that was of no help to me, but after thinking about this dilemma for a few minutes, I have decided to continue turning down the thermostat at night, and I will make an attempt to explain it to you.

The Explanation:

Quite simply, it is all about difference in temperature.

Also, your heat is no more nor less efficient when you turn it off for a few hour or not, so the fact that you left your heat off for a few hours does not make ANY difference.

Now, for keeping the thinking simple, I will assume that when you turn down the thermostat the temperature in you place drops suddenly, and when you turn on the thermostat it heats up suddenly.

This because to use realistic number will need differential equations, and due to my stroke, differential equations are beyond my understanding.

Also let us assume that the outside temperature is zero degrees Fahrenheit, your high temperature is eighty degrees Fahrenheit, and your low temperature is forty degrees Fahrenheit.

Thus, the difference in temperature for your low temperature is forty degrees, and the difference in temperature for your high temperature is eighty degrees.

So, at your low temperature you need to pay 40-money to keep that temperature. And at your high temperature you need to pay 80-money to keep that temperature.

Now, suppose you are on a 12-hour schedule where your low temperature is 12 hours and your high temperature is 12 hours. So, if you do not turn your heat down, you pay 24*80 = 1920-money to heat your place. However, if you turn the thermostat then you pay 12*80+12*40 = 1440-money to heat your place. 1920-1440 = 480.

Thus my scheme will save 480-money when compared to someone who keeps the heat on.

The only downside is a minor inconvenience for me, but that inconvenience is worth it for me, although you mileage may vary.

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What The Fuck Is Up With President’s Day?

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2015.02.17


Yesterday was “President’s Day”. Now, originally, when I was a child, in elementary school, there were two holidays, Washington’s Birthday and Lincolns’s birthday, we were not given off from school on those days. But somehow, for some reason, these two “holidays” were combined and called “President’s Day”.

What is up with that?

Now, depending on the state in question, this holiday is commemorate George Washington, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson, or a combination of all of the presidents. This holiday pisses me off, regardless of which president or presidents are being commemorated.

Why does this holiday piss me off?

First off, the United States is a constitutionally controlled republic, and, thus, it is not, and never was, a monarchy. As such, there is no one that deserves to be treated as such. Hence, get rid of president’s day because the United States is not a monarchy, and the USA cannot stomach such a concept. Get rid of the trappings of monarchy and get rid of president’s day.

Second, every single president, starting with George Washington, has harmed this country. And for those of you who need a history lesson, you should recall from history that the Whiskey Rebellion, wherein George Washington order federal troops to fire upon West Pennsylvania citizens of the United States.

And every president thereafter screwed people over until we have Obama openly instituting socialized medical care for the United States. Thus, there is no president under the constitution that deserves my respect, and those of you who are aware of history should feel the same way.

In my opinion, prior to the constitution, when we were under the articles of confederation, that was probably the best system of government. It required unanimous consent to do anything, the federal government had no power to do anything unless they had unanimous consent, and each president served for exactly ONE YEAR….

Aaahhh… the good old days….

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Let Us Consider The Farce Of Valentines Day.

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2015.02.02


St Valentines Day was originally a formal public worship or celebration of one the early Christian saints names Valentinus. Several mythologies were invented for the various Valentines that belonged to 14 February, and had been later added to later list of martyrs to justify the reason for people celebrating the common holiday. One set of mythologies on this said that Saint Valentine of Rome was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. And that these priests who did the marriages were persecuted under the Roman Empire. {}

There are some other such nonsense that justify the existence of Valentines Day in the modern era, although the tale concerning the original Saint Valentine seem to have no actual history other than by the Catholic and Anglican churches. Which, in my opinion, are suspect.

Now, for some reason, the greeting card industry has taken a firm grip on the mythology of Valentines Day, and in 2013 the the average spending is estimated to be approximately $131 on Valentines Day every year. But, of course, it is almost alway men that give Valentine’s presents to woman, with very little, if any, men receive anything other than a $1 card on the occasion. So looking at this statistically and realistically, men spend approximately $262 for a women on Valentines Day and receive absolutely nothing on the “holiday”. So, in essence, this is a women’s holiday. So you had better not resist keeping your money in your wallet. Instead, you should all be a “good man” and just part with the money to buy your wife/girlfriend a damn gift.

Of course, I will have absolutely nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.

And, in my opinion, neither should you!

Seriously, why should we part our hard earned money for some damn foolish non-existent holiday that only benefits the greeting card industry? Hell, the greeting card industry is trying to create more holidays to get us to buy these damn little cards for every occasion. However, the primary recipient is women. Men, in the past, would work long hours and would have to part with their hard earned money on this single day where women would, essentially, tell the men that if the man doesn’t spend enough money on this single non-holiday, that he was a piece of shit.

Now, of course, the women would never say these things directly, but that is how the women feel. It’s like another Christmas for women. Hell, it’s been slightly less than two months after Christmas, so the women should get an expensive gift.



And what do men get? Mostly men get an insignificant card. And then, of course, men MUST take the women out for a meal in an expensive restaurant.

And let’s talk about the experience in the restaurant.

First off, a great deal of these restaurants earn a great deal of money on Valentine’s Day. And the restaurants know that. So you need a reservation, and you really cannot enjoy yourself because about 45-50 minutes after you sit, the waiter is trying to hurry you about for the next reservation. Thus, you do not have the time to enjoy your meal. So, if for example, you practice mindfulness, you just do not have the time to experience your meal before you are shuffled out.

So, in essence, you are treated like veal. you are rushed in and rushed out and you are out of there in less than a hour.

Second, the waiter/waitress are stressed. Severely stressed. The restaurant is making a great deal of meals in a relatively short period of time. And it is up to the wait staff to make certain that every one gets in and out quickly. Now, since this only occurs a few times a year, they really cannot afford to hire permanent people all the time, so the wait staff is always going to be understaffed. And they will be tired.

So, you are going to get your worst service on Valentines Day from the wait staff. Why do it? And why even go near a restaurant on Valentine’s Day? Or the day after?

And since the restaurant is doing all of this business in such a short period of time, the restaurant is going to inevitably under-cook your food.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is the day that the food inspectors should be inspecting restaurants. It is when people who are under stress is when the truth comes out.

All I am saying is that, in my opinion and observation, Valentine’s Day is a crock. It has always been a crock, and it will always be a crock. So, why don’t you do what you really want to do, why must you behave like someone else wants you to behave. It is far cheaper to eat at home, in general, it is far safer to eat at home if you cook your own food.

In addition, men, why do put up with this bullshit on Valentine’s Day? Has your women shamed you into spending money on that day? Has your women shamed you into going to a restaurant on the worst possible day to visit a restaurant?

You should spend your money on what you know you need, not on what someone else needs. If she wants to eat substandard food in a restaurant, shuffled through like a veal calf, then she can go out alone if she really wants it.

Boycott Valentine’s Day!

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I Had A Doctor’s Appointment, Today.

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2015.01.26


I had a doctor’s appointment today. That is because I am Fifty years-old and that means I have an examination ever year, whether I want it or not.

The only thing that he told me of any importance is that my iron levels were low. Now, a few years ago, my blood test had noted that I had low iron, so I was on Ferrous Gluconate (FG), one pill twice a day. About after two years of that stuff, and my blood test had shown that my iron levels were OK, so my doctor pulled from the ferrous gluconate, and he would see what happened. Today, he told me that my iron levels were pretty low, so, once again, I was put on the FG, probably for the rest of my life. My current dosage is one pill twice a day with each pill being 325 MG of FG.

I am probably, for some reason, anemic. Which is odd, because I eat red meat every day, because I HATE chicken, turkey, quail, pheasant, and other birds. But still, I have become anemic. Perhaps, when my iron raises the doctor will reduce my dosage. Now, I have become tired over the past few months, and my low iron is probably to blame.

The problem with FG is that it turns my … hmmm… shit black. Now, this would be no problem for a normal person, but I have had an entero-cutaneous fistula for the past nine years, and I will not have the surgery to attempt to correct it, because it could reopen, and it could be made worse by the surgery. And, I am on Warfarin for the rest of my life, and I need to note if I am bleeding, and with my shit turning black, I cannot tell if I am bleeding from the Warfarin, bleeding from the fistula, ar my shit is black because I am taking the FG.

So, life sucks in a minor way for me with this situation.

However, my doctor had told me that my cholesterol level were low. Well, not just merely low, but pretty damn low. Now, A few years ago, around 2012, I had a blood test and that doctor had noted that my cholesterol level at the upper end of normal. That doctor had wanted to prescribe Statins, to which I said, NO. But, over the past few years, I had changed my diet. See, my current doctor said that I probably had a good diet.

Then I started to tell him about my diet.

I eat red meat, I generally avoid starches and sugars, I generally don’t eat fruits, because of my fistula, I cook everything in LARD, BUTTER, or olive oil. According to some people, I should be FULL of cholesterol that is blocking my heart. But it isn’t. And it is not my genetics. I don’t drink soda or fruit juices, I put a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee, but the last time I had a soda was about a year ago. And, seriously, that diet is, in my opinion, the reason my cholesterol is so damn low. Also, I avoid sugar-free and low-fat foods like the plague.

I am dead serious.

I do not subscribe to any particular diet, I just eat whatever I want, and I generally smother it in butter. I eat a liverwurst sandwich about 5 times a week, I have bacon and eggs for breakfast, I use LARD to lubricate my cast iron, and my diet is good.

OK, I had some Bagna Cauda on one occasion: olive oil, butter, garlic, anchovies, hot peppers. Heat it slowly and dip some fresh cut vegetables in the concoction. My fistula couldn’t handle it, so I will never do that again. But it was GOOD. And is smelled up the apartment and the apartment above.

Yes, I have some medical issues, but those are medical problems. I am healthy.


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