Psychopaths Need Not Apply

I have a brief question for you. It is a real question, while you may not take it seriously.

While some people are willing to die for a {thing}, less people are willing to kill for a {thing}.

My question is, simply, what are you willing to kill for?

Please do not answer that question, and I would guess that you should tell nobody what you are willing to kill for, as I would imagine that most people would not like your answer. See, the answer to that question is a reflection of your values, and people would use that knowledge against you, in some cases.

Additionally, psychopaths need not answer that question. For I know a psychopath, a real live diagnosed psychopath. This person seems to be a nice person, but she is, essentially, the embodiment of evil. Really!

So, just answer my question for yourself, “what are you willing to kill for“?



The Aftermath of My Stroke

As I may have said earlier, the major effect of my stroke is that my “executive functions” are not functioning properly. Primarily it has affected my short-term memory. ALOT. I get distracted very easily, even with a span of time as little as a minute or less. Almost every day, when I am making breakfast, I open the refrigerator, and see something else…. and I forget why I was looking in the refrigerator, after a few seconds I finally remember why I was in the refrigerator in the first place.

You have no idea how many times I look through the grocery store to try to remember why I was there until I see what I there in the first place.

Yes, I make lists. And I forget the list often.

In addition to my “executive functions”, I have right-side weakness, I have a blood clot in  my right wrist, the result of which my right hand is always cold, even in the heat of summer.

The vision in my left eye is a bit… “wonky”. My ophthalmologist tells me that my retina is supposed to be a smooth surface, however in my case it is no longer smooth, and it look “sort of like” it was once smooth, but it has been “wrinkled”… all because of my stroke.

So, yes, I am a bit of a wreck.

One effect of my stroke is that my wife divorced me because I am unable to work. I don’t have trouble being hired, but I generally get fired after a few days. Apparently, most businesses cannot really deal with me and my… behavior…. my inhibitions are broken.

But, I am happy. I am free from my (ex-)wife, I have enough money to live on, and, overall, life is good for me.


How Did Trump Win?

First off, I voted for Donald Trump on 8 November 2016.

This was the first time I had voted since 1997. I stopped voting after 1997 because I could no longer trust politicians anymore. However, since Donald Trump is obviously not a politician, I thought that he might be a decent president.

Additionally, I have never liked Hillary Clinton.

The delicious thing is that Clinton had been working for decades to be president, at least since the 1980s. She had failed to get through the primaries in 2008, having lost the primaries to Barack Obama. And she blew it in the general election a few weeks ago to the least likely candidate in the world. Donald Trump.

Now, I didn’t vote against Clinton as much as I had voted for Trump. However it really doesn’t matter why I voted for Trump. What matters is that many people had voted for Trump. And why.

It is a tale of the “elite” and “joe-bag-of-donuts-america”.

The “elite” are mostly the Democratic party, the Republican party, Social Justice Warriors, Mainstream Media, and Social Media.

“Joe-bag-of-donuts-america” are the blue-collar workers who work as garbage men, waitresses, construction workers, hair dressers, fishermen, policemen, firemen, enlisted military, the guy who fixes your car when it needs to be fixed. These are the people who do the actual, physical, manual, labor of every-day work. We are the people who make the world work. If we vanish from the face of the world, we would be truly fucked.

I am an over-educated “joe-bag-of-donuts-american”. I served in the military, I did manual labor, making stainless steel tubing for a company, I “pulled green-chain in Oregon, I worked as a security guard to pay for university. And although I am over-educated, I will always be “joe-bag-of-donuts-america”.

The problem is that the “elite” pretty well ignores “joe-bag-of-donuts-america”. The “elite” claims that they care about us, but they don’t, and we know that. They use us, abuse us, lie to us, and every four years, they pay attention to us until the election is over, wherein they shit on us for the next four years.

Trump spoke to “joe-bag-of-donuts-america”, Trump seems to understand “joe-bag-of-donuts-america”, so “joe-bag-of-donuts-america” voted for Trump.

And for the first time, I was up on 8 November 2016 to keep track of the election. Now, I thought Trump would win, and when Florida turned red, I knew it would probably happen, and when Pennsylvania turned red, I went to sleep, because although it wasn’t set in stone, but I was extremely convinced that Trump would win.

The next day was a happy day, for me.

Apparently, many, if not all, of the Clinton supporters were really really really pissed.

The thing is, I was always vocal that I supported Trump, I even said as such in “church“, and they, all Clinton supporters, strongly disagreed that Trump even had the slightest chance of winning. Heh!

So, that is why Trump won. The “elite” really didn’t even acknowledge the existence of “joe-bag-of-donuts-america”, and they still do not even acknowledge their existence.

Too bad, we exist, we are here, we surround you, but you do not see us, but we keep your lives livable. Without us, you would probably die.


Crap! I had had some computer problems recently

Hello, all:

I am sorry, I have had some computer problems over the past few weeks/months.

My motherboard…. well, screamed and died. I replaced the motherboard, upgraded my processor, because I wanted to, upgraded my graphics board, because I wanted to.

But I couldn’t get an Internet connection, I finally diagnosed that the problem was my NIC (Network Interface Card), so I upgraded it, because the newer one supported Linux, I will call that an upgrade.

And then politics got interesting.

Of course, I voted for Donald Trump, obviously.

Well, I am back, and perhaps I will be posting on this blog more frequently…. maybe….

Thank you for your time and attention, and have a good day!

A Short Response From A Facebook Posting: Part One

Recently, I had been in the hospital for the second time in my life for a bowel obstruction. I have been in no less ten hospitals in my life for any number of reasons related to my blood clotting disorder, directly or indirectly. And in my observation, the VA hospitals had been the best and most professional nurses, doctors, and surgeons I have seen in any hospital.

Now, I know that there are good VA hospitals and that there are bad VA hospitals, and because I do know how to ask the right, or wrong, questions to evaluate whether a hospital is a good one or a bad one. So, when I compliment the VA hospital in Fargo, North Dakota, I am referring to that particular hospital. Although I will also state that the VA hospitals in Salt Lace City, Utah and the VA hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are also, in my opinion, also extremely good as Fargo.

I know that there are bad VA hospitals. I will not mention these VA hospitals by name nor location.

Essentially, I was complimenting the Fargo VA, the nurses and the doctors in particular, and slamming the other two, non-VA, hospitals in Fargo. I have my reasons, and I had noted that there were nurses and doctors who had been hired by the VA from one of these two other hospitals.

The point I had made was that the non-VA hospitals were primarily concerned about money. The VA hospital in Fargo is primarily concerned about people. Well, at least veterans. And from the people I had talked with at the VA, they are crazy happy that they work at the VA instead of their previous hospital. And every person I had spoke with had always come to say in some manner that difference between the other non-VA and the VA hospital was “night and day”.

Most hospitals hire some people out of school. These people are just starting their chosen professional experience. The Fargo VA doesn’t hire anyone fresh out of school. The people they hire are established professionals to begin with, they have in some way made a name for themselves before the VA will even look at these people.

Non-VA hospitals are not like that at all.

My sister took offense to that, as two of my sisters are nurses, and have been nurses for many years. Now, at least one of my two sisters is a mere CNA, and not a RN (Real Nurse or Registered Nurse). And before people get all butthurt about my generalization, I do understand that there is a big difference between a CNA and an RN, so don’t tell me that they are the same thing.

They are not.

That is why I had pointed out that fact when I had made a post on Facebook. Which caused a response from one on my sisters to attempt to shame me, and why I have made this weblog posting.

I cannot be shamed. I will not apologize.

Non-VA hospital nurses and doctors don’t have time for my constant questions when they come into my room. And I always have questions.

I ask them what they are doing, I ask them about any medication they attempt to put into me. I ask for a printout of the possible side effects of any medication that I don’t normally take. I ask them to explain everything to me about my current health and status. I ask how I could, in this particular case, not get another bowel obstruction in the future. I also joke around and we laugh at the things I say.

For the sixth time in my life, I had a NG tube installed. This is, essentially, a tube up my nose and down to my stomach. The thing is a retching experience going in and coming out, and, unfortunately, I knew all about it. Before I had a bowel movement, as I had a bowel obstruction, I had been passing gas, though. The doctors had told me that I can get the NG tube removed. I declined at first, and I told the doctors that if it was taken out, it might need to put back in. And I wouldn’t have anything to do with another NG tube going in such a short period of time. I told the doctors that I would put up a fight, and I would needed to be sedated, heavily, with Morphine, Fentanyl, and Alcohol.

So I kept it in until I had a bowel movement. Yes, the NG tube was in an extra day that I didn’t need it, but it was far better to just keep it in than we me fighting to prevent another one of these damn things in again. And the doctors agreed. Because they knew that I knew about this damnable tube up my nose. That is why I like the VA staff.

Yeah…. I had a stroke, my executive functions are broken, I have short term memory loss, and my inhibitions are broken. So, I say things I shouldn’t say, and nurses try not to laugh about it….but they do.

Example: I am a “hard stick”. My veins do not cooperate with needles, I keep myself nearly dehydrated since 2006, for reasons. This makes it difficult for people to do a blood test on me. On this particular day, the third phlebotomist did her attempt. I had been stuck four times before, all had failed. I told the phlebotomist, approximately, “You need my blood. I don’t care where you get it, my foot, my leg, my butt, or my nutsack, but just get the blood, please.” The nurse who heard this did his best not laugh…….

The thing is, I need to be convinced to take a new drug. Always. I will never accept a “just take it because I said so” response. I know that it is within my power to leave the hospital and I do not need a doctor to release me. And the doctors know that I know that. And the doctors at the VA accept that, and that is why I have given a big “thumbs up” to the VA hospital staff, and a big “thumbs down” to some of the staff at Sanford and Essentia in Fargo.

So, I stand by my assessment concerning the nurses, doctors, surgeons, and the general staff in the Fargo, North Dakota, VA hospital. My assessment probably applies to, at least, the VA hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, and VA hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Yes, I have had some experience in other nurses and doctors in other hospitals, and these nurses and doctors are good people, also. But these good people are individuals, the policies of these non-VA hospitals are not conducive to being kind to people. These people are in a bad situation, and I hope they know it. Like I had said earlier, since the non-VA hospitals hire some newbies, you have no idea what you are getting, really. I hope that the nurses I have met in Essentia (Innovis) and Sanford (Merit Care), have escaped to the VA hospital.

It seems to me, because Obamacare, that Sanford and Essentia are going to have problems in the future if they don’t have trouble now. There are probably some newbies in their staff that haven’t experienced any crap yet, and some of these newbies will face some horrible things and fail, in some manner. And I think that they may be suffering with some staffing problems as the best will be hired by the VA.

The VA hospitals I have mentioned are safe, the staff have already passed through years of trial by fire before they were hired by the VA. And they will be OK.

Sanford and Essentia…. who knows?


An Experiment: Part One

This viewpoint is from the United States frame of refence.

While I never intend to be pulled over by a policeman, I have been thinking of doing a thing should I happen to be pulled over by a cop.

First off, I need to mention the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution the relevant part is:

“…nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…”


That wording is important. It mentions NOTHING about “self-incrimination“. The wording is much stronger than self-incrimination, it says that if you could be in a criminal court, you cannot be forced to give any information that could be used as a witness against yourself.

So, lets think about that a little bit….

If I am pulled over by a cop, we all know we are supposed to give the cop certain information. Specifically your drivers license and proof of insurance. We, as all good citizens, are supposed to know this and comply with that. Right? Right!

Well, I disagree.

Now, I don’t know why and how it could do any harm if I were to present these requested documents. But, are you sure? I am not sure, myself.

The cop is NEVER your friend. While this doesn’t automatically make the cop you enemy. But I know cops, and I know human nature, and I know that if you give up a right, you will NEVER get it back in that situation. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

I will ask the cop, first “if I give you my documentation, can you possibly use the information in these documents in a court of law?“.

If the cop is “honest” he should say “yes“.

Then I will assert that it is my constitutional right to not act as a witness against myself in a court of law, and thus, I cannot give you these documents as it would violate my inherent rights as a human being, and if I give up these rights I can never regain this right until our interaction is ended.

Now, I have no idea what the cop will do. I imagine that none of my readers have any idea what the cop would do either.

Now, while in many, if not all, states in the United States generally have some sort of statute that will somehow say that you have to give a cop these documents.

So, what will I do. God forbid! There is a contradiction between a pair of laws!!! One law says you have to do the thing, another law says that you don’t have to do the thing.

And what would one do in that sort of situation? Me, I would continue to assert my fifth amendment right and shut up, see what happens, and try really hard not to laugh as the cop imploded.

If I ever get pulled over, I will tell you what happened.

Additionally, I am not going to intentionally get myself pulled over, so ask!


Potential Race War: Part One

It seem to me that there may be a race war brewing on the horizon. First off, Martin Luther King is spinning in his grave the minute that “Black Lives Matter” movement has started. While we all know that Black Lives Matter has always been divisive since its inception, as they seek to segregate the races.

However, since the shooting of several cops in Texas, and the joyful Twitter posts asking for more, the increased messages amongst BLM people and the demonstrations across the country asking for more blood.

And through it all, we see Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets capitalizing on the increasing tensions throughout the United States. We know that Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets silence some voices. For example they generally silence right-leaning politics while giving left-leaning voice have full reign.

This needs to stop, or it will get worse and it will get ugly.

My suggestions would be to disconnect from social media for the time being. I think that both the social media and the “proper” media is growing these racial tensions for their own reasons. I know that the statistics of the Uniform Crime Report, every year, and produced by the Department of Justice, that cops kill white men much more frequently that any other races. Yes, boys and girls, even more than blacks. I also know from the UCR that most a large majority of black men are killed by other black men.

The media and the social media are creating this possible race war on the horizon, the media and the social media are playing with us, all of us. We the people can let this calm down if we wisely stop using social media outlets and stop watching the media until this has blown . Stop watching the news until this has blown over. Stop reading the newspaper until this has blown over.

We need to send the message that we, the people, are in control of ourselves.

Be safe, and stop paying attention to the media and social media.


Voting: Part Two

Concerning presidential elections in the United States, from 1952 to 2012, while a minor majority of registered voters had voted in the presidential election, except for 1996 where the turn-out was a mere 49.1%. Now, in general, the presidential elections are the “most popular” elections, and the non-presidential elections have a much less turn-out. Since 1952, the presidential elections ranged from 49.1% (in 1996) to 63.1% (in 1920).

Why are elections not so popular?

Now, I have not voted since 1997. My reasons were that I do agree fully with any politician. And more recently, while I still do not fully agree with any politician, since I accept money from the federal, state, and county government, I view that as a conflict of interest if I were to vote. Even some people who are on the dole vote in elections, I do not.

I have no idea why so many people don’t care enough to vote, but, nevertheless, I have a suggestion or two to present to you. In addition, you must realize that no presidential candidate has ever garnered a vote as high as the none of the above candidate.

I think this non-voting position may because people have no choice in any real candidate. Let’s face it, the difference between a Democrat and a Republican, the difference between Trump and Hillary, wouldn’t be enough to buy a cup of coffee at 7-11. In other words, the two candidates are essentially the same damn candidate.

Now, how do I suggest that we fix the dreadfully broken elections in the United States?

We view people that do not vote to be a legitimate none of the above vote. Thus, in all elections since, say, 1952, the “none of the above” vote would have “won” the elections. We have two mutually choices with which to choose.

The first is that we scrap all the candidates and start anew with another election. But, since politicians generally waste time with campaigning and crap like that, we would already have cause all politicians to campaign for ONLY TWO MONTHS. One month for the primary elections followed immediately one month for the general election. Thus there is only two months of campaigning prior to an election. PERIOD.


The former president/senator/whatever position is vacated and remain open until the next legitimate election cycle. No bills are passed, no new rules are made, the vacated seats are vacant, so it would be harder to get a quorum in the legislature. No executive order could be written, as the president is a vacant position for the next four years. The budget will not increase nor decrease, and the budget items would remain until there is a legitimate president, again.

Think about it.

Wouldn’t that sound like a good idea?

Now, these suggestions are merely suggestions, I haven’t worked anything as to how it would work. But, what is so wrong without a president? In addition, since the United States would be a little vulnerable internationally, the military might want to stop dicking around with other countries as we have been doing since just after World War 2.

In addition, we need some more legitimate parties in our elections, we need some real choice. Thus, it would probably be a good idea to make it easier to run for a president/senator/whatever. Now, we would not lower the age to run for president, however, we should not require all the paperwork to be put on the ballot. I would rather have a choice between fifteen to twenty candidates rather than two or three candidates. Choice is good. More choices is better.

Just think about my suggestions.


Concerning Islam and Gays: Part One

  1. Yemen
  2. Iran
  3. Iraq
  4. Mauritania
  5. Nigeria
  6. Qatar
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Somalia
  9. Sudan
  10. United Arab Emirates

These are the only countries in the world where being gay is a death penalty.

All these countries are Islamic countries.


Concerning an Insult: Part One.

On 23 March 2016, I had posted an article called “A Quick Commentary on The Term ‘Pussy'”

I wish to do a brief rewrite of that posting, as I have been told that the title may be too offensive for some people to read that article. So I have deleted the original article, and herein is my slight rewrite of the article.

In general, when a man is called a “pussy” that is an insult. However, some people will claim that that insult is in reference to the female body, and that is the whole intent of the insult.

Well, those of us who have a clue realize that that insult is, in no way, in reference to a piece of the female anatomy. However, in discussions with some feminists, the dreaded Laci Green, for example, the feminist in question will claim that that insult is an indication of misogyny as they claim that the use of that insult is referring to the female’s “hey nanny nanny“.

The truth of the matter is that that insult NOTHING to do with anyone’s vagina.

Read that again, and understand what I am saying.

The insult “pussy” originates from the word “pusillanimous“, which means:

1: lacking courage or resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; marked by contemptible timidity
2: proceeding from or indicating a cowardly spirit.

So, for those dreaded women, I am talking about you, Laci Green, who are, for some weird reason, fixated on their vagina, the insult “pussy” really is an insult.

So, for “those” women who did know the meaning of “pusillanimous”, and have know been given a big dose of reality. How does it make you feel?

If anything.

I believe that you will stick with your rhetoric, not question what you have been told, because it would cause you to know that some small part of that nonsense that you have been heavily invested in is wrong.


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