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My Half-Sister Is A Psycopath

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2014.08.21

I kid you not, my half-sister, Leeann Dilliard Garton, is a legitimate, honestly, psychopath. I didn’t realize that in April 2013.

See, here was my situation in April of 2013:

I had had a stroke in September 2011, my cognitive faculties had taken a hit, and I was not able to take care of myself for about a year. My ex-wife divorced me in April 2013, and at that time, I was planning to move to Fargo, North Dakota. However, my ex-wife had tried to prevent me from living on my own, so she had talked with some of my relatives to see who would take me.

The deal between my ex-wife and my half-sister was that I would move to Schnecksville, Pennsylvania for a few years. My sister was supposed to provide me a room for two years, food, and a home for my cats. However, I didn’t last there for even four weeks. My half-sister told me to get out after three weeks.

So much for me staying there for two years. Now, I didn’t upset my half-sister in any way, shape, or form. I pretty well kept with myself and left everyone alone so as not to interfere with anyone else. But, yet, she threw me out for no reason which I understand. My half-sister fed me only one meal in those three weeks. This whole situation was entirely unfair to me. She was the one that had asked me to move into her house, she was the one who had agreed to let me live there for two years, she was the one who told me that she would feed me, she was the one who allowed me to drain my money in moving there and the Evil Bitch From Hell threw me out.

I had no other choice but to use my last resort, I moved into my Mothers house, and stayed there for six months until I got my SSI/disability.

So, while what I have said has no bearing on my claim of her being a psychopath. However, I had noticed some things about Leeann weren’t quite right. My mother had never referred my half-sister by her name, Leeann Dilliard Garton, but she always referred to her as The Evil Bitch From Hell, based at her actions that she had witnessed over the past twenty or thirty years. Actually, everyone that has known her for a few years starts calling her The Evil Bitch From Hell. While my stroke left me relatively unfazed, however, I had made some observations and had written them down in my notebook, and after poring over my list for several months, referring to the DSM, and speaking with people, I have come to the conclusion that my half-sister, Leeann Dilliard Garton, is a psychopath. Now, I do NOT say she is a sociopath, I do NOT say she is psychotic. I really mean that she is a fucking psychopath.

Now, I am approximately 1400 miles away, in Fargo, North Dakota. So, I think I am mostly safe. Additionally, I may have a stroke, but I am still dangerous when people push.



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Why We Don’t Try To Reason With Feminists

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2014.07.26

Why We Don’t Try To Reason With Feminists

John Hembling (JtO)

4 June 2011

 I had seen the below following posting only a few days ago, and I think that this particular text needs to be read by more people, thus I have slightly reformatted the text, but it is the words written by John Hembling, although I agree with all of it.


Where is the counter argument?


I’ve been an outspoken Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) for a few years now, and I’ve noticed that despite the overwhelming opposition to any argument for male rights, there are no substantive counter-arguments. No arguments whatsoever. Opponents of men’s rights have no trouble reciting false facts, debunked talking points, fabricated studies, and obvious lies in support of their religion of female victimhood and male villainy, but lies are not arguments. They’re just lies.


  •  1 in 4 women is raped, sexually assaulted, battered or abused – is a lie 1
  • The wage gap – is a lie 2 3
  • Women’s historical oppression – is a lie
  • Rape culture – is a lie 4 5
  • The inherent violence of masculinity – is a lie
  • The inherent goodness of femininity – is a lie
  • The idea that feminism is about equality – is a lie


By contrast, whenever I or any other MRA fields an argument in defense of men’s rights, or critical of feminism, it is never met with a counter argument. The arguments of MRAs are met with accusations, shaming language, insults, threats, blackmail, violence, censure, censorship, cooked up criminal charges, vandalism, imprisonment and other calumny.

My article critical of the institution of marriage was answered by feminists  accusing me of being gay,
… of being bitter, of having a small penis, or social ineptitude, of financial impotence, of living in my mother’s basement, of body odour, and of tenancies to hatred, violence, and pedophilia. Of those critical of my article, none actually addressed the substance of the argument made. None.

My article deconstructing the feminist goal of reversing the burden of proof in accusation of sexual assault was met by feminists who called me a rapist, a bigot, a woman beater, a loser, a violent criminal, and a sociopath. Not even one criticism addressed the substance of my article, and Jessica Valenti likely still wants women to be killed.

One of the first articles I wrote exploring the relationship between central banking and the funding stream of organized feminism was answered by a feminist on a different continent whose best rebuttal was to re-present each point of my argument – leaving out, and adding, key points to make them easy to refute in a straw-man attack – then to call me a stalker. A stalker on another continent.

In response to my arguments, I have been variously subject to shaming attacks, censorship, straw-man arguments, false accusations of violent crimes by people thousands of miles away, accusations of pedophilia, of rape, denounced as a psychopath, a serial killer, as maladjusted, as a loser, as a racist, and all manner of villainy. Almost none of my philosophical opponents have fielded anything approaching a substantive argument, or have addressed me with anything except lies and abuse, and a few threats of death too.

I won’t make any pious declarations of my own lack of violent, criminal or
deviant behavior. Why bother? I also will not shut up and go away. I will never shut up.

I. Will. Never. Shut. Up.

What I will do for my loudest and most amoral critics is to offer a few suggestions:

  • Admit that your position is unethical, and that you are purely self centered
    and devoid of anything like an ethical compass

  • Admit that your continued insistence on women’s eternal victimhood is designed
    to take adult agency away from the members of the sexual demographic you
    supposedly care so much about

  • Admit that you want to force women’s and men’s behavior into a mode of compliant
    service to your own greed and sadism

  • Admit thatyourethicis built on lies and violence
  • Admit to yourself that even though you lack the muscle and the courage to commit
    violence yourself, your philosophy depends absolutely on violence done by others
    on your behalf

  • Admit that those who do violence on your behalf, when they have scrubbed the
    field of anyone who dares to disagree – those enforcers will turn on you

  • Recognize that whenyourpoliticalwillhas been imposed by force on everybody around you, you will discoverthatyouare locked into a tiny cage as well
You see, I recognize that in spite of my optimism and my repeated attempts to open dialog or discussion with the ideological opponents of the men’s rights movement – there will be no civilized discourse between us. The reason is that feminism’s active proponents have no interest in truth, nor in justice, nor in human rights, nor in protecting anyone from harm, least of all women.


Despite a nearly omnipresent narrative of “protecting women” mainstream feminism is a sham which depends on escalating social carnage to maintain a control on public conscience and to secure streams of funding.

I recognize that the opponents of the men’s rights movement are organized,

…violent, hateful bigots, and the only reason you cannot be correctly called criminals is that your ideology now controls the courts, and thus the definition of what it means to be a criminal.
I also recognize that soon, individuals doing nothing more corrosive than simply speaking out, will soon be named criminal.

A man I held in high esteem recently died, and I will repeat a statement of his now. “When your conscience says the law is immoral, don’t follow it.”

Past and present efforts to silence, shame, marginalize, and subvert the efforts of men’s rights activists demonstrate that what we are saying about our opponents, the enemies of human rights, is not exaggeration, or conspiracy theory, instead it is understatement.

I’ll restate what I said earlier.

I. Will. Never. Shut. Up.

The fact that shutting me up, and shutting up other MRAs is a major goal is illustrative of just what we oppose. The truth does not require state funded enforcers. Now, in addition to not shutting up, and in light of my, and other’s increased understanding of just who and what you are who oppose the men’s movement – namely that you are violent, lying hypocrites lacking interest in truth, and consumed with a self serving philosophy which relies on escalating harm to those you pretend to protect. I don’t mind telling you, I am no longer here to debate, or to reason, or to converse, or to hope you may be reached by logic or evidence.

I am here to fuck your shit up. And in that, I am not alone. Now I don’t mean to stoop to the use of lies or violence. You are practiced at those tactics, and frankly, I don’t need them.
You may also wonder, what can a few disgruntled MRAs do that you should be concerned about? And to that, I can only say – watch, and learn.






File translated from
version 4.03.
On 26 Jul 2014, 13:37.

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Thinking About LaNeige

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2014.05.19

As I had previously blogged, on 23 of April 2013, I had put LaNeige to sleep, as he was diagnosed with liver cancer. I am also thinking about Mister Fluffy, who is nineteen years old, and he will probably be dying soon. However, Mister fluffy is still relatively happy, alert, and aware, but he is an ancient cat, and he will die in the near future.

Unlike LaNeige, whom I had let live too long and was in pain for about 3-4 months, I know better now, and I am almost always checking on him to make certain that he is not in pain. So im almost always checking on him to make sure he still breathing and not feeling any pain. I only wish that I had been kind enough to put LaNeige asleep when I had first recognized that he was in pain.

Now, I have a surgery that I need to have, but I cannot have the surgery until Mister Fluffy is still alive, since he is so old that when it is time to die, it will be, hopefully, quick, and I cannot ask anyone to check on Mister Fluffy when I go into  surgery, since Mister Fluffy really doesn’t get along with other cats, nor other people.

On a positive note, my impending surgery doesn’t really need to happen any time soon, since I have been needing the surgery for approximately nine years, so a few more years isn’t going to do anything I haven’t dealt with for nine years already.

So, I check on Mister Fluffy far to often to check and see if he is feeling pain, and he doesn’t seem to feel pain yet. But I think that Mister Fluffy is a bit irritated with me looking hard at him several times a day to see that he is still OK.


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Bagels: You Are Probably Doing It Wrong

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2014.05.12

Once upon a time, a bagel was generally made in a particular way, until bagels became more prevalent. Then they stared to make bagels the wrong way.

The wrong way to make a bagel:
A bagel is cut in half, lengthwise and the bagel is toasted. That’s it, it has, essentially, been delegated to being a piece of fucking toast. In my opinion, this is the incorrect way of preparing a bagel. It is a quick and nasty way of making bagels.

The right way to make a bagel:
You are supposed to heat an oven to approximately 350 degrees Fahrenheit and throw it in the oven for approximately twelve minutes, cut the bagel lengthwise, add either butter, cream cheese, or cream cheese and lox (cured and cold smoked salmon). The end result is chewy/doughy inside and crusty on the outside. Any other way is WRONG!


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Do We Need A Higher Minimum Wage

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2014.04.24

It has been, on many occasions, that we need to raise the minimum wage. Again. To be honest, I don’t buy it. In my opinion and in my experience, we certainly do not need a higher minimum wage. Additionally, I believe that we should just entirely do away with any form of a minimum wage.

I sat down with a spread sheet, and it entirely possible for me to live on a minimum wage. Now, you certainly cannot live in, for example, Manhattan. And you would need to live somewhere that is more easily affordable. You may need to move a moderate distance, but you can find a place that you can afford. I live in Fargo, North Dakota; and, yes, it is somewhat difficult with the cold, but after having paid for heating in Fargo, I know that I can do it, and so can you.

You will certainly not be able to buy a house, but under the current minimum wage, you can survive. And you are planning on getting a better job, aren’t you? And maybe, eventually you can have that house once your job prospects improve.

See, it seems to me that people spend more money than they need to, and that is why these people are claiming that the minimum wage is not enough. This is because they want stuff that they cannot afford. Seriously, how much things do you really need.

People tend to eat-out more frequently. What’s up with that? People, you do not to eat-out every day, once a week, or even once a month. You do not need to eat-out at all! So pull your head’s out your asses and just eat at home, and take a lunch from home.

You really do not need a cellular phone, or even a computer. If you really need a computer, you can use your public library. So just suck it up and stop complaining that your minimum wage job sucks. Use the library or the local job service and get a resume, and get a better job, dammit. No is no rule that says you need to work the temporary job forever. And be aware that a minimum wage job is, by definition, a temporary job.

However, in my opinion, the minimum wage is not a good idea. If there is a minimum wage, the some people will not be hired by anyone. Let’s face it, some people are really not worth it, and under a minimum wage, since they cannot justify the slacker who is, shall we say, less than optimal, hiring, they just don’t hire the slacker, she doesn’t get a job offer. So, would you hire someone less than, say, $2 less than minimum wage, or don’t hire the woman at all?

Additionally, when the minimum wage is raised, the only affect is that people will be fired. So, that’s the choice, if there is a minimum wage and it is raised, people get fired. And, if there is a minimum wage to begin with, you will just not be hired. Period.

It’s your choice!


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Who Decided That Health Care Is A Right?

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2014.04.13

In my opinion, in no way, shape, or form, does anyone have health care as a right.

Let us first examine what a right is. A right is a sanction for an individual to perform, or not perform, an action such that everyone enjoys that action, no one is denied that action, and no one is coerced to perform the action.

For example, the right to bear arms is such a right so long as no one is required to provide the arms.

The freedom of due process is another such right, if we are accused of a crime, the cops must go through a particular process in order to charge the crime, the cops are not permitted to just call an action a crime until and unless they go through that particular process.

Another right we have is the freedom to say what we will, now, there is nothing to prevent us from shouting FIRE in crowded movie theater, but if choose to do it, we must face the effects. If, for example we shout FIRE in a room full of deaf people, no harm no foul. Really.

In the case of Health Care, someone must provide it. The fact that someone is coerced into providing health care clearly makes Health Care NOT A RIGHT. Since every person may chose what they do for their life  this does not, and cannot, force anyone to treat a patient that they choose not to. To do otherwise is an act of slavery. In the name of health care, you you really want slavery?

Sure, doctors get paid a bunch of money. But they also pay a bunch of money to become a doctor. Do you realize the financial cost of becoming a doctor, in addition to the time spent in medical school, and years AFTER becoming a doctor by slaving away in a hospital. And for what, the people think that health care is a right have cheapened the profession into becoming indentured servitude.

What the fuck is up with that?

Of all those people who are under the delusion that health care is a right, can you pay for and do the work for a single semester of medical school?

We should let doctors do what they will, enjoy the freedom for what they have. When going to a doctor, I want someone that is doing it of their own volition. Someone that wants to treat me of their own free will.


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How And When I Took The Red Pill.

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2014.03.18

As an aside, I had been thinking about god and Atheism for approximately three years before I had decided that I was an Atheist. Compare and contrast that it had taken me approximately ten years to realize that I had “taken the red pill“.

It had started in approximately 2003, my wife at the time was yelling at me, again, and she had struck me. Actually, after she had hit me the first time, I had provoked her into slapping me several times. At that first time, I had not responded beyond provoking me into slapping me again and again.


I do not recall how and why she had stopped slapping me, it was probably at the frustration she was feeling because I had continued to ask for it again and again. At that point, I decided that our marriage was going to end.

Periodically, I had attempted to discuss the issue, although I never brought up the fact that she had struck me. For me, that was not as important as to why she struck me. I had told her on those occasions that she had never taken me seriously. Because, in my mind, her striking me was an indication that she never taken me seriously.

And every time I had accused her of not taking her seriously, that started a fight. Always. Even though I had “started” the fight by saying, “I don’t think you take me seriously”. That was it, when I said those exact words, I knew that it would rapidly degenerate into a fight. And I still have no idea why. And when my wife asked me what was wrong, and why were not getting along, I would, yet again, say that “I don’t think you take me seriously” and we would rapidly degenerate into a fight

I eventually stopped even starting that fight anymore. And I would not talk about it ever again. I had spent too much time into starting that old fight, and I had just eaten my confusion, I had eaten my anger, and I swallowed my rage, buried inside of me. And since I am a man, I knew that with a divorce was a death sentence for me, so I stayed married and I just dealt with it.

Then I had a stroke in 2011.

I have a blood clotting disorder. One part of my clotting cascade is missing, and another factor of my clotting cascade is over-compensating. I was already om Warfarin, but they needed to increase it to prevent another stroke.

Actually, my stroke was simultaneously a bad thing and a good thing.

It was negative in that I am barely functional, while my memory took a huge ht, because I was intelligent to begin with, my end result is that I still have much of my memory. And my “executive functions” aren’t functioning. The executive functions, (aka cognitive control and supervisory attentional system) generally controls the management of cognitive processes, working memory, reasoning, task flexibility, and problem solving. Essention, my internal manager that looks over these thing isn’t working worth a damn.

On the plus side, my wife divorced me and she knew that if it came down to money, she would be supporting me for the rest of my life.

Now, as I unable to work, due to my cognitive disability, and since my right hand is not working as well as t could, I am on SSI/Disability. And even though it is a pittance, I would be getting, and keeping, more than I would if I had a standard divorce. So, as far as I am concerned, I have a very thin PLUS on my ledger.

See, all women are, essentially, Evil. The whole NAWAL (Not All Women Are Like That) is a load of crap. Women can play a role for years, they can act all nice and stuff and they can change slowly over the years, trying to change Men very slowly, as Women try to assert there true nature. It has been said that a woman changes and tries to change her man, but a man remains the same and tries to keep his women the same. Perhaps the truth of the matter between men and women is that the women plays a role for several years, and then she reasserts her true nature, while a man remains the same.

This, I think, is the problem. And, thus, I have finally, after ten years, taken the red pill.

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Global Cooling, Global Warming, And Climate Change

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2014.01.09

As some are aware, I do not accept the whole catastrophic climate change hypothesis.

Back in the 1970’s there was a theory that there was a global cooling trend coming, based on current models. We were hearing some scary stories of an upcoming ice age occurring that would freeze all except the equatorial regions. We were told that we were well and truly screwed and that the glaciers would be marching and there was nothing that we could do to stop it.

Then in the 1980’s, we were told that the climatologists were wrong and that our recent model predicted a global warming trend that that we would be well and truly screwed and civilization would be forced to move to the polar regions and that our ice caps would melt and blah blah blah…

For some reason, the current trendy climatologists are changing their song again and are saying that there is neither a global warming trend nor a global cooling change but that we are facing a catastrophic climate change.

You have got to be kidding me!

You have got to be kidding me!

It seems to me that some of the climatologists can’t decide if the planet is cooler or warming and the current option that it is doing BOTH.

Of course, I do not accept any of this.

The first reason is that this is based upon MODELS. And anyone with a knowledge of science, like, for example, Mathematics, understands that all models are wrong. In order to construct a 100% accurate “model” of the climate, we would absolutely need to look at every minutia, every temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, EVERYTHING on such a scale that we cannot possibly read, because if we were recording these readings at, say, every cubic inch, then we would be missing the whole picture because something that happen in a tenth of an inch would throw off our readings, and according to chaos theory [and I am one of the few people who is using the term Chaos Theory accurately] in a very sort period of time, our models would be off.

I doesn’t matter how closely we look at the climate a tenth of an inch, a hundredth of an inch, a really super fucking small increment. something IS going to happen that we will not account for and cannot possibly account for.

Hell, the weather is almost always wrong. Just take a look at the weather forecast over the next 10-days, or even 5-days. Those people who are bored enough to pay attention to the weather are generally not aware that the 5-day forecast is sometimes very different from what it was five days ago. Really, the weather can SOMETIMES tell us what is happening later on today, but beyond one or two days, the climatologists are generally wrong.

Those who know what a Lorenz System is know that the weather is so chaotic that it is nearly impossible to predict the weather.

But yet, some, but certainly not all,  climatologists are attempting to persuade us that even though we cannot predict the weather accurately over the next two days are telling us that have any idea of what is happening over the next one thousand years. Really?

Secondly, our models are just fudging data. Are these climatologists taking into the effect of the world’s oceans yet? About ten years ago, our best models were flat out IGNORING the effect of the oceans worlds on their climate models.

What about the effect of the sun, you know, that big assed fiery ball on one of the foci of the solar system? In what way do we account for the damn sun? As inaccurate that is inherent in the global climate, I assure you that the chaos in the weather forecast is even MORE chaotic with respect to the sun. And I assure you, that the effect of the global climate is greater with respect to the sun than any other factor in the solar system.

Thirdly, the global climate is all about change. It is all driven by the fact that the Earth is spinning. The wind blows because, in part, because we spin. The climate changes because we spin. The climate ALWAYS changes because we spin. Thus, the weather and the climate IS. ALWAYS. CHANGING. And if and when the climate changes over time, it will happen so slowly that we will be EXTINCT before it affects us.

As an aside, let us consider the icecaps melting. Let us look at a ice-cube in a glass of water, when the ice has melted, the ice become water, but the water does not increase its depth. This is because when water freezes, it becomes less dense, thus floats. When the ice-cubes melt, it displaces the exact amount as the water that had frozen previously. So, if we imagine the icecaps melting, it would not displace any additional water.

An, actually, a frozen landmass would, MAYBE, increase the oceans about two or three inches, probably less, though.

And these are the reasons I really do not support the global climate change fantasy. Until and unless these climatologists give me some good, firm evidence to support that there is any threat due to global climate change, I generally ignore it.


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One Way Of Fixing Problems With RYZOM

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2014.01.06

I am running under Debian Linux (testing branch), with a proprietary Nvidia driver under version 331.20

I have had the following error:

bash: ./ryzom_client: No such file or directory

Then, after with messing around, by error was:

./ryzom_client: error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

Ryzom system repair

We need to deal with the directory that was created my the proprietary Nvidia driver, when we installed the driver, we added a directory called “/emul”. This is a source of all kinds of pain. We need to add this directory into ldd and ldconfig.

The quick and dirty solution, that works, is to include the following

into the files in “/etc/” you need to append into the files named:


the text you include is:


For the first time in a week and a half, I was able to run the game. YEAH. However I won’t have the time for a few hours to test it out, but I very happy right now.


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Yes, I Am Still An Atheist.

Posted by Kevin Benko on 2014.01.04

For those of you are wondering, yes, I am still an atheist. Even though I am brain-damaged from my stroke, I still remain as an Atheist. This is a fundamental piece of who and what I am.

About 30 [Thirty] years ago, after approximately 3 [Three] years of contemplation, I eventually had decided that I do not believe in a god, any god. I consider it to be a fact, the triple-omnipotent/omnibenevolence/omniscient thing cannot possibly exist, even a single aspect of the triple-omnithing cannot possibly exist. Furthermore there is no evidence to support the existence of the thing, and every year, there is even less evidence to support the existence of the thing.


At the very least that I will say is that there is probably no god. However, in my harsh opinion, I will flat out say that there is NO god. And even though some people will argue for the existence of a god, all such arguments, when pressed, will either say that it depends upon faith, or their arguments are circular. Now, some of these circular arguments are hidden amongst their words, as in William Lane Craig, however when you sift through the bullshit, it is still a circular argument.

So, I have stopped trying to argue against the non-existence of a god. But make no mistake, I am an Atheist.


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